Top 10 Colleges Out There Eager to Get Students

Online colleges and universities are mushrooming all over the internet making it difficult to choose the right college. Here are the top 10 online colleges (in no particular order) to help make choices easy.


420,000 students study over 100 degree programs at The University of Phoenix.  It offers programs at all levels right from the associates to the doctorates. It has an open enrollment policy at its 200 campuses across the globe and online. It offers highly flexible courses online. The Kaplan University offers degrees in subjects as varied as education, arts, healthcare, information technology, business law, nursing and criminal justice. It is among the largest providers of online degrees and programs at all levels. DeVry University is a premier center for online studies. They offer innovative techniques and show superb online capabilities providing the best for their online students. The  of American Intercontinental University offers a range of courses to complete ones’ masters’ , bachelors’ or associates’ degrees. Courses are available both online and in brick and mortar classes. Subjects offered include visual communication, business administration, healthcare management etc.


Walden University too offers a range of programs online and in classes. Its courses include Masters of Science (MS), Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Education (Ed.D) Education Specialist (Ed.S) etc. Saint Leo University offers employed adults a splendid opportunity to further their educational qualifications with the help of online course programs at Master’s, Bachelor’s and Associate levels. Ashford University offers degree programs at all levels both online and in classes. It is almost 100 years old and is highly accredited.


Online Liberty University has a physical campus in Virginia with 12000 students on campus and over 45000 students studying online. Students can choose from a range of flexible courses to complete graduate and under graduate degrees. Everest University offers business administration, criminal justice, computer info science and Accounting courses at bachelor and associate levels along with master’s degrees in business administration and criminal justice. Western Governors University is a premier education center for graduate and undergraduate courses. It uses latest technologies to provide a smooth experience to its online students.


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Things to Know about a Graphic Design Degree

Nowadays graphic design is about much more than just print media. Designers can work on various fields starting from print and electronic media up to social media. The growth in these areas is ever-increasing and this means that lots of opportunities are appearing on a daily basis. In order to become a qualified designer, the best choice is to study a graphic design degree program.

Discussing graphic design degrees

Professional schools are offering associate’s level degrees that can be acquired in 2-3 years. It is worth studying for a bachelor’s since most employers are looking for such graduates. Working as a graphic assistant is possible even if you graduated some other field. Becoming versatile on the field requires experience with digital graphic design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and possibly even web-design applications. These all depend on what kind of media are you trying to target.

Other incentives to become a graphic designer

According to the average salary for a graphic designer is around $42,000. In order to break into the job market with increased chances to land on a job, prospective candidates should have a portfolio. Enrolling into a degree program will help you to learn the basics of graphic design, computer design, how to use those applications, and so forth. This way it will be easier to create the portfolio.

University degree choices for graphic design

Studying graphic design can be done opting for online courses as well. In general, the costs of tuition and expenses in case of a traditional college degree are higher than online ones. It depends on whether studying from the comfort of your home resonates with your lifestyle and education requirements. The same level of education can be acquired either online or brick-and-mortar colleges. Before deciding which route to go, just research the options, and in case of online colleges, look for accreditation!


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IT Project Manager and the Road towards the Degree

Since we’re living in an IT driven world, the interest towards information technology project manager degrees has increased in the past few years. These IT professionals are helping to manage IT projects, their main purpose is to plan and coordinate teams that work in the industry field. They are taking active part in the design, successful planning, implementation, and schedules of projects within companies.

Professional requirements for an IT Project Manager

There are many options to start with when someone wants to become an IT Project Manager. Usually a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology is preferred by most employers. However, a technical project management degree is also useful, including computer science-based variations. Since these professionals are dealing with risk management and negotiations, it would help to study business management as well.

Are you best fit to become an IT project manager?

The most qualified candidates should have a solid background in information technology and desire to learn about newest technologies. It is certainly good to have strong communication skills along with leadership and time management skills. Project managers are working with sophisticated tools to create charts and reports. It helps to be versatile in management areas. As of the past few years, lots of entry positions in these fields appeared, and this demand will grow due to the interest for IT driven projects.

Financial compensation in project management fields

The entry level IT project manager can earn around $57,000 up to $75,000 this is according to the website. The top 10% can easily be compensated with more than $85,000. There are lots of opportunities to grow higher on the scale of management when working in management fields. Many project managers are focusing on earning professional certifications that testify their updated skills and qualifications.

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Banking and Finance Online Degrees – Know the Truth

The general people think that banking and finance degrees are seemingly the best degrees to earn six figures and high paychecks once employed. Their reasoning is quite clear: d’oh, they are managing money! Without any doubt this might be true for some, but it doesn’t reflect the entire reality. However, if these are areas that you like, opting for online colleges might be a fantastic decision.


Looking into career options


These degrees allow a multitude of career options starting from bankers and financial officers, up to stock brokers, merchants, or personal finance officers. It’s important to find out which area could become your passion, such as trading with currencies or commodities, managing risks, or simply managing the finances of an organization. High paychecks can be achievable in every specialization. This shouldn’t be the one and only motivation for the aspiring student.


Banking offers different career options


Generally speaking, banking is when a financial institution offers money to someone or some other company or organization. It’s all about collecting deposits, working with currencies, making transactions, issuing credit/debit cards, and so forth. Career options include banking agents, underwriters, financial consultants, or other variations. In a nutshell, this area is about offering financial services. Commercial banks are working for profit while central banks are controlling the circulation of money and the interest rates of the country.


Choosing online college versus brick-and-mortar universities


Some people cannot afford relocating or attending traditional college courses. Nowadays online college opportunities are tempting because the student can learn from the comfort of their home. The first step when choosing an online college is researching their accreditation. You can usually find this information on their website or government-driven educational institutions. Finally, it is worth to research financial aid options because online colleges are sometimes just as expensive as traditional ones.

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The Best Ways to Finance Your Medical Assistant Degree

Ever since the economic recession, getting employed has turned troublesome for most fresh graduates. Same goes for the interest toward financing solutions when it comes to college degrees. These days it looks like the industry of medical professions is seeing some kind of positive growth. One of the easiest places to find employment in medical area is being medical assistance.

Finding financing options for college degrees

Most people aren’t coming from families or don’t have the necessary financial background to pay the tuition costs for college degrees. In these situations the student has a few options. First off, there are the scholarships, then employer aids and government grants. On top of these, there are creative options that one can take to finish their college degree without shelling out tens of thousands of dollars.

Getting financial aid for degrees

Scholarships should be considered as the most important financial aid solution that a student can be eligible. It’s recommended to apply for as many as there is possible. Most people give up once they receive one or two rejections. When it comes to money, that ego –thing should be put away; it’s all about perseverance. There are many local-level scholarships, don’t just try the national ones.

Grants or creative solutions to find financing

College grants are just as important as scholarships. These are often targeted to specific groups such as minorities, certain type of family background, or those entering such and such fields. Another tip when it comes to financing is opting for low-cost colleges for the first few years or some courses. No one says that it’s required to finish the degree at the same institution. Research the options of credit transfers!

Benefits and drawbacks of loans

Getting employer aid or other kinds of loans simply means that sometime in the future, once employed, you will have to pay back that debt but with interest. Surely, there are incentives in most cases when these loans are targeted towards college students. In some rare situations this is worth, such as getting employed at a hospital or other medical institution. This guarantees your workplace after graduation as well as being a surefire way to acquire the necessary amount of money for your entire tuition.

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MBA Salary – What You Should Expect


The vast majority of students are keen on pursuing MBA graduate degrees having higher paychecks as their primary motivation. Coupled to an increased salary, an MBA degree will lead to more prospective job opportunities. In general, it is expected to earn around 50% more with an MBA degree than without along with recognition. This alone might be worth studying further, right?

Most relevant factors that influence MBA salaries

It is important to know whether a higher paid position is worth it. Always consider the potential bonuses and other allowances such as tuition reimbursements, car allowances, relocation costs, and so forth. The salary is fluctuating based on which industries are you employed in most importantly. The top career fields for MBAs are the following: health care, finance, consulting, energy, and high tech. Furthermore, your salary also depends on school’s reputation and your pre-MBA role and experience.

Professional background is the most critical factor that influences MBA salaries

There are a few significant factors that influence salaries regardless of the area of specialization. First and foremost there’s the past experience. Any starter MBA graduate might expect to earn around $50,000 then around 1-4 years this increases to $56,000 and with 5-10 years this gets to $74,000. According to statistics, the average salary for MBA graduates with 10-20 years of expertise is $94,000.

What’s the second important factor that influences salaries?

The second most important factor that influences salaries is geographical location. It’s to be expected that different states have different incomes due to their economies and costs of living. The top states with highest MBA salaries are California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas. When it comes to cities, the top ranking stands the following: NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

All in all, it’s quite sure-fire that education investments will be rewarded when choosing to pursue MBA.

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Does an Online Writing Degree Help You Become a Writer?

Within the traditional university degree options chances are “writing” as an independent specialization couldn’t be found. It’s a new specialty and it yields different opportunities when comparing to English degrees. It has also nothing to do with journalism or teaching degrees. Regardless of profession, it focuses on communication and writing skills. It’s worth to undertake this degree via the “online way”.

Major categories considering writing specializations

There are many possibilities where you can go with writing. The two major categories are non-fiction writing and creative writing. As expected, copywriters and advertisement writers are also taking part of the latter. While business writers and technical writers are part of the non-fiction writers. When it comes to newspapers, online publications, television broadcasts or whatever, there is required a strong sense of ethics, character, and good judgment; technically, your publications will appear somewhere!

Technical writing is worthwhile only if it suits your style and nature

It depends on the person which area suits them. For example, technical writing requires some kind of specialization and technical background. Certainly any industry you take, there is a need for professional technical writers that can provide materials for conferences, user manuals, guides, or magazines. Usually, technical writers are earning more than average creative writers. Nevertheless, this depends on the educational credentials, past experience, and the area where you are producing content.

Does pursuing an online degree in writing help?

There are many online programs for writing starting from bachelors of Arts up to Doctorates. It is important to research the areas you want to target, know their requirements, and choose an online college that suits your needs. Considering the future, there is a positive outlook on demand for writers. The greatest thing about such a degree is that it’s flexible considering the multiple areas you can target. Furthermore, there’s the possibility to become editor. Some people might prefer editing work of others.

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Useful tips to get College Credits

Online college education makes it possible for older college students to earn accredited degrees on various areas. The majority of brick and mortar college students are around 24 years, while in case of online students, this reaches approximately 36 years. There are many possibilities to turn life experience and professional background into a viable college degree via distant learning courses.

Top few choices for online college degrees that are life experience related

The cheapest and most easily achievable programs are College Level Exam Programs. Each CLEP costs around 70$. The program is about 32 single subject college exams and five general exams. What’s great is that CLEP test results are accepted by almost every college for undergraduate degree credit. They are targeted towards older college students that want to test what they already know about certain subjects. Typically the exams are composed by multiple choice questions.

Written academic portfolios as an alternative

Some older students might prefer the idea of writing an academic portfolio instead of taking multiple choice based exams. These portfolios are specially targeted towards students that enjoy writing reports and academic papers. It’s a place where applied knowledge can be put to great use and older college students can actually benefit of the things they learned over the years. These courses usually require one course that deals with how to put together such an academic report or paper.

Professional licenses and corporate training programs

The latest trend for large corporations is to offer training programs for their employees. These can target all areas starting from soft skill trainings up to technical training.  In the United States there is the CREDIT program that allows converting these courses into college credits if they find that the programs are matching college level education. The American Council on Education also analyzed many professional certifications offered by 3rd party suppliers and award credit points for these certifications.

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Washington University and the New Online Law Degree

As of the past few years online college education has garnered more and more interest. Without any doubt, there is a specialization on almost every degree that is possible to be pursued with the help of distance education. In case of the Washington University, there’s a new online law degree that allows students to become Masters in Law (LL.M.). Be careful, though; this is not equal to a J.D. degree!

What’s the difference between these degrees?

The J.D. is the classic degree that requires students to finish their specialization with the bar exam. It’s the degree of the top trial lawyers. The American Bar Association has not approved any online J.D. education possibilities. As thus, there are many other online law-related degree possibilities. Washing University strives to provide law education at the masters’ online. This is how the LL.M. came available.

Realistic fears regarding the approval of JD degrees

Chances are slim that the American Bar Association will approve the crown jewel degree of law professionals. There is a problem with J.D. degrees because graduates, even at top schools, cannot get employed. The marketplace is really tight even though the quality of education might be top-notch. That is why universities are striving to offer practical law specialized programs such as masters’ degrees.

Other universities offering law degrees

There are various specializations that are related to law and many online colleges offer some of them. The Loyola University makes it possible to earn a law masters in health. While the University of Alabama offers master’s degree in taxation law. The Vermont Law School focuses on environmental law. The University of Washington tries to mimic the quality and quantity of “classroom” education via the online world. Thus, their plan is to limit the online class size to 15 students per sessions with virtual classroom discussions.

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Explaining Liberal Studies Degrees

The focus of education should be to prepare a student for the career they are passionate about. The courses and degrees one chooses should be able to reflect one’s interests and passion. One such course available online is the liberal studies degree. This unique online degree allows the student to plan their own course with the chosen major and preferred minors that are in tune with their educational goals and interests.

A liberal studies program is different from other online degrees as it offers the freedom to choose a range of different courses conducive to one’s interests. One can choose a host of subjects from different schools within the online college to construct a personal liberal studies degree program. The various subjects available include history, speech communication, anthropology, English, literature, foreign languages, music, psychology, ethnic studies, philosophy, theater, political science, sociology, women studies, communication, new media and others. The plethora of subjects to choose from ensures that the student is exposed to a range of subjects that will help them to prepare for different potential careers or for advanced studies.

Before enrolling for a liberal studies degree, students can check out the various courses offered and go through videos to ascertain the quality of the course. Most online colleges give the opportunity of live interaction through webinars to clear doubts and provide any information they might need. Look for an online college with renowned faculty known for their expertise. The college should have regional or national accreditation and the diploma or degree should be equivalent of those offered to regular students. A creative course like the liberal studies program lets the student explore their potential and discover hidden talents. Choosing to do an online degree program gives the student the freedom to study from their homes and the flexibility of time.


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