What Should You Know about Project Management Certification

Project management experts are in demand across organizations and a qualified candidate is always in demand.  A good program that provides with the necessary skills can be a huge plus on one’s resume. With so many project management certificate programs available both online and offline, it can be difficult to ascertain the quality and effectiveness of any given program. An effective Project Management Certificate program will fulfill basic requisites to qualify as a good option.

Primarily the program should be effective in equipping the student with requisite skills that ensure that they can handle projects, meet deadlines and keep within the budget. An interactive course should equip the student with skills that are effective in various fields like marketing, high tech, financial services, international trade, information technology, construction, government and others. The student should become confident in looking for solutions for the various problems that crop during a project.

The various subjects that need to be covered include project management, quality management, project risk management, project procurement management, human factors, team dynamics, planning and control. The project management program should augment career opportunities. The program should be at par with the standards set by PMI, with Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, by PMI, as the guiding reference. A PMI registered college or education provider is a safe choice.

The project management program can take 8-15 weeks of study, depending on the type of course chosen, but needs to be completed within 5 years of registering for the course.  Before registering for a program, remember to check then accreditation of the online college. Take care to ensure that the expenses are within the budget. In most cases the tuition fees charged by the college does not include course material and the students need to pay separately for them.

The right Project Management Program equips one with skills that enhance career opportunities.

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