How to Become a Personal Trainer via Online College?

Going to college is one of the most interesting experiences of people’s lives and so you should make sure that you also have this experience. If you don’t have the possibility to take part in a campus program, you should consider attending the classes of an online college.

How to become a personal trainer with a degree?

The main point of the online college is for the trainers to increase their knowledge while they are working full time. Exercise has become a science and if you improve you skills you can improve the quality of the services that you offer to your clients.

Naturally there are also some disadvantages to an online college. One of them is that the graduates don’t get hand on experience during their studies. This is why this solution is best for the trainers who are already working.

An advantage of the online college is that you get to communicate with people who have the same interests as you do and you can share your experiences.              As part of your education you will have to take part in weekly discussions on given topics and you will have to write papers and essays.

In the majority of the cases the subjects are divided into weekly modules, but the students have the freedom to complete their schoolwork when they have time for it.


Usually the online colleges have the same curriculum as the campus programs. This means that the costs are about the same, except for the living expenses. Naturally the private schools charge more than the public ones. If you are thinking about a master’s degree you should know that the length of the program is of one year and they are less expensive than the bachelor’s. Sometimes you can get financial aid from the college you go to.

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What Should You Know about Project Management Certification

Project management experts are in demand across organizations and a qualified candidate is always in demand.  A good program that provides with the necessary skills can be a huge plus on one’s resume. With so many project management certificate programs available both online and offline, it can be difficult to ascertain the quality and effectiveness of any given program. An effective Project Management Certificate program will fulfill basic requisites to qualify as a good option.

Primarily the program should be effective in equipping the student with requisite skills that ensure that they can handle projects, meet deadlines and keep within the budget. An interactive course should equip the student with skills that are effective in various fields like marketing, high tech, financial services, international trade, information technology, construction, government and others. The student should become confident in looking for solutions for the various problems that crop during a project.

The various subjects that need to be covered include project management, quality management, project risk management, project procurement management, human factors, team dynamics, planning and control. The project management program should augment career opportunities. The program should be at par with the standards set by PMI, with Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, by PMI, as the guiding reference. A PMI registered college or education provider is a safe choice.

The project management program can take 8-15 weeks of study, depending on the type of course chosen, but needs to be completed within 5 years of registering for the course.  Before registering for a program, remember to check then accreditation of the online college. Take care to ensure that the expenses are within the budget. In most cases the tuition fees charged by the college does not include course material and the students need to pay separately for them.

The right Project Management Program equips one with skills that enhance career opportunities.

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Evaluating Fine Arts Programs

The U.S. News magazine offers a ranking order for the various art programs offered. The rankings are the result of a survey through peer assessment. The survey was conducted during the fall of 2007, involved deans and top academics from art schools. Each school was expected to contribute with two completed surveys. The survey evaluated 220 fine art programs (masters only). The respondents were required to evaluate the programs with rankings 1-5 where 1 was marginal and 5 correlated with outstanding.


Synoyate conducted the surveys. The Department of Art and Visual Technology at George Mason University, Virginia helped to put together the lists of specialty concentrations, art schools and the individuals approached in each school. The survey received a 39% response.    A part of the survey involved specialty ranking too. The nominations provided by the academicians at peer schools determined the rankings received by each art school. Each of the academicians (2 from each participating school) nominated 10 art schools they considered excellent. The programs with most mentions formed a part of the list.


Some of the art programs or schools were remarked with Rank Not Published. This would mean that a numeral ranking was calculated for the school but was considered below the cut off set by the magazine and thus did not figure in the ranking list. U.S. News may supply the schools with their rankings, if a request is put in by the concerned schools through the About the Rankings section on their website The schools would have to follow the procedures prescribed in the Information for School Officials section.


Art Programs/Schools that did not warrant a ranking are listed separately using the alphabetic order.  Schools that were a part of the peer ranking 1-5 survey, are a part of the Ranks not Published list if the average score was lesser than 2.0. This list also includes art schools that received less than seven nominations in the specialty rankings.



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Top Online Colleges to Help You Become a Teacher

A basic degree in education is essential for those who wish to have a career as a teacher. Online colleges help one to study for and acquire an online teaching degree from the comforts of the home. When searching for good online colleges, consider the following leading online colleges that offer various degree courses to prepare for a career in the education sector.


The Ashford University offers a range of flexible courses to complete associate and degree courses in education. Students may choose their specialization courses too and complete the credits required along with their degree course. Their Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education program is highly acclaimed.  The Capella University has a whole range of doctoral and masters programs in education, perfect to hone existing skills and supplement the current qualifications. One can opt for various specialization courses like enrollment management, special education, curriculum and instruction, adult education etc.


The Walden University offers courses in education, at all levels including associates, graduate and masters. Their 4-year graduate program with 181 credits will provide the student with a Bachelor of Science in educational Studies with 70 credits in selective courses, providing them with arrange of skills. The Kaplan University School of Graduate Education offers special masters programs that will equip the student with enviable skills in various aspects of education. They can choose from a range of specializations and hone their skills to perfection.


The Weidner University, a former military institution is now among the leading institutions that offer well designed online courses in the education sector. The Bachelor of Arts degree for Elementary Education is an exceptional course offered by them and it may easily open up licensure opportunities. The Strayer University is well over a hundred years old and offers excellent Masters Program. Students can choose program to suit their styles and needs. They can opt for well-structured or flexible courses.





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2012 Tips to Help You Pay for Your Child’s College Education

The cost of higher education of a child starts to trouble the parent, as early as the birth of the child. And rightly so, as the costs spiral each year and are reaching unattainable peaks. Rough estimates put the cost of higher education at $100,000 and above in public schools and one can simply double it for the private schools. It makes sense to start early so that one is not faced with an insurmountable task, when the child turns 18.

Create a college fund and start saving early. More important than saving, is aggressive investment of the savings so that one can create a substantial fund when the child is ready to go to college.  If need be, the college fund can be supplemented with student loans, scholarships and other financial aid to pave a smoother path.  Many parents let their saving lie in a savings account, adding to it periodically, it could be one of the safest ways to create an egg nest but it may not help to save the huge amounts required for a good education. Investing it wisely is important to help the amount grow rapidly over the years.

 The stock market is a volatile option but also the wisest if one picks and chooses with care. Mutual funds with no load options are well suited to the need. Choose them carefully after adequate research and keep a tab on their performance annually to ensure that the money is safe. Start shifting these funds to bonds and other similar less risky proposition, a few years before the child is due to college, this will help minimize fluctuations to the fund.

Liquidate some of these stocks and bonds valuing close to the first year’s college fee, a couple of years before the child goes to college and invest the amount in a money market fund so that it is easily accessible when required.

When investing money for college funds, look for options that provide income tax benefits and relief.

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Earning a Major in Public Safety Management

An online bachelor’s degree in the field of public safety management will make sure that you have the skills necessary to start a career in public safety. The main point of these programs is to offer information regarding leadership and business, not to mention computer sciences and communication.

What are your outlooks?

If you have a bachelor’s degree in this field, you will be able to get an entry-level job in this field. However the degree makes it possible for you to make advancements in your career. You should also know that in many cases the salary that you get is determined by the experience and education that you have.

What will you learn?

In order to complete the program you will have to learn about English composition and social sciences among other subjects. This way you will acquire the skills needed to develop critical thinking regarding several different subjects.

After you meet the general requirements, the curriculum becomes more focused on public safety. This means that the courses will become more specialized. You will learn about techniques of public safety and you will also acquire business skills. This way you will learn how to become the leader of an organization.


In order to complete the program there are some courses that you will have to take. These include advanced accounting, cultural studies, motivational strategies, public administration, presentation, administrative law, behavior of organizations, strategy and implementation, leadership, project management, human resource management and management principles.


In some cases you have the possibility to complete on-the-job projects in order to earn credits. This way you will be able to make educational and professional advancements in the same time.

What possibilities you have?

The good news is that if you have a degree of this kind, there are various fields that you could work in.

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Online Sports Medicine Degree – What Do You Need to Know?

When thinking about sports medicine, you should know that this is one of the most rewarding and most important careers. In this filed you could become a personal trainer, athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coach, physical therapist, nutritionists, dietician, sports medicine physician and so on.

What you have to know?

In order to have success in this field you should have an interest in medicine and science but in sports as well. In the same time you must be dedicated to helping the people around you. Having knowledge in the field of science will make it easier for you to excel in this career.

What will you learn?

In order to get an online degree you will have to learn biochemistry, advanced biology, physiology, anatomy, math and other sciences. The degree will help you acquire the set of skills that you need to succeed in this field. The good news is that almost every university offers online degrees.

Why to choose online?

The best thing about an online degree is that it makes it possible for the students to learn at their own pace and to do their coursework whenever they have the time for it. This is especially important for those students that have a job.

The students have the possibility to attend the web seminars, tutorials and the interactive training. In some cases there is need for clinical training and the students might have to have a short residency.

What to choose?

The most common degree is the Master of Science in Sports Science. It takes two years to get the degree. However before you can enter this program you need to have a four year sports medicine undergraduate degree. In some cases the colleges offer the students bachelor’s and associate’s level sports medicine degrees. However this doesn’t mean that you will become a licensed practitioner.

Are you tempted by such a degree?

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What Are the Online Education Options for International Students?

If you find an accredited online college you can be sure that you will have in your hands a diploma and not just a fake degree. There are a lot of advantages that these colleges have. For instance the graduates will have higher salaries because they have higher education, not to mention that students can learn at their own pace.


The people who are familiar with the internet for sure will find this way of work very convenient. This is because communication with the professors is only a few clicks away. In the same time when you have to do some research you just have to use an online library and you will find everything that you need to know.

Learning parents

If you have children, but you would like to get a college degree, you should consider this form of education. Since you don’t have to leave your home, there will be no need for the services of a babysitter. This way you can save money and you don’t have to let a stranger in your home.

No worries

Online college is about learning at home. This means that you don’t have to worry about the high price of gas and you also can forget about the time spent in traffic. This means that you will have more time to rest and also more time to focus on your studies.

When you have the time for it

You don’t have a strict schedule at the online college. This means that you can work whenever you find the time for it. You could get the work done in the morning, after your children go to school, after the kids go to sleep or after you get home from work.

Another advantage is that the international students don’t need a visa.

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Best Choice for Online Military Education

When thinking about a military career we all know that it is very important to have the right set of skills. You could acquire these skills from ‘attending’ the courses of an online college. The good thing about this form of education is that you can get the information you need no matter where you are.

Strayer University

This is one of the best online colleges you could think of when considering the military career. It is known for offering 100% assistance to the military personnel. Here you could get a technical, business or criminal justice degree. In each area there are a lot of options for specialization.

Capella University

In this case you will find a number of available options in the technical and business field. In the same time there are also some courses in the       homeland security and criminal justice field. The institution is recognized for its work with military personnel, their families and veterans.

Colorado Technical University

The main point of this institution is to offer the possibility to military personnel to acquire a technical or business degree while also having a focus on security and criminal justice. The truth is that there aren’t many areas of study, but there are a lot of possibilities of specialization within the offered programs.

Drexel University

The strongest offerings of the online college are in the technology and business field, but there are degrees offered in education, criminal justice, general studies and communication too. The college is focused on professional competency and it has a really good reputation.

University of Massachusetts

Besides technical and business degrees, the military personnel could also get a degree in   journalism and liberal arts among other among other degrees that have nothing to do with technology or business. Some of the courses are individualized.

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How Does Degree Accreditation Influences Your Career

Online degree courses have become very popular among the adult population who wish to improve their chances in the employment sector. With umpteen choices to choose from, they can be carried away by the presentation and proffered promises and cough up hard-earned dollars. Most of these will end up with degrees or diplomas that have no value simply because the online college they chose was not accredited. Such degrees are not valued by future employers and even by other schools, thus making the whole effort moot.

Many online colleges are accredited. Accreditation by an established authority ensures that they have a recognized standard of education and other practices that is accepted by future employers and other schools offering higher education. Employers will always look for degrees or diplomas awarded by accredited colleges whether online or traditional.

Accredited online colleges are at par with accredited brick and mortar colleges. Acquiring a diploma from an online college can be as expensive as working at one from a traditional college. The best way to choose a suitable online college is to narrow down the list to online colleges with accreditation, this ensures that the degree is recognized by others. It guarantees that hard-earned money is not exchanged for a useless piece of paper. An accredited college ensures that the student will get quality education that will increase their knowledge and their chances of suitable employment.

Future employers are as concerned about a prospective employee’s qualification as they are about the colleges awarding the qualifications. Their H.R. Departments are very particular and those with diplomas from non-accredited colleges will never reach the interview stage. Check out the databases maintained by council for Higher Education Accreditation and US Department of Education. The databases have a list of regional institutions that are qualified to provide accreditation to education institutes both online and offline. This will help to confirm if a college is accredited by a recognized organization.

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